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Free Form

There are times in painting when I just have to cut loose and slap paint around, letting it go where it will, with whatever emotion or state possesses me.  The works at these times create themselves.  What comes out are usually more abstract or free form works, with a crazy, whimsical, slapdash character to them.  These works do not start out carefully rendered but they sometimes end up carefully rendered as their focus becomes clear.


I believe these works come from within my core, that place inside all of us that screams at times to be go.  This is the place of deep emotion, be it anger, sadness, fear, joy, love, hope.  It is the place where raw humanity lives in primitive form.  It is uncivilized.


Many of my other works have a basis in deep emotion but they are more intellectually controlled and rendered in a more representational style.  This category of works are more free form.

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