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Sports Paintings

Most people love sports.  They love to watch them on TV or in person.  They love to play them, think about them, and talk about them.  Some people seem to live for them.  Sports are a way to have fun, get exercise, get excited, act crazy, and unleash one’s aggressions..  Sports are something that can connect and unite a diverse group of people under a common team. They are a way to take sides.  They are a formalized way of battle, a contest resulting in a winner and a loser.  In some ways they are a substitute for war.


Sports have heroes, the people who do wondrous things that make us marvel and that lead their teams to victory.  These heroes seem larger than life because they can do things that most of us can only dream about.  As a boy, I had my sports heroes.  I played all the major sports growing up and I still play some today.  I have my heroes and have painted some of them here for you to see.

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